Dutch pays an old woman named Gloria to lead them through a cave that leads to Aguasdulces, a sugar plantation. Milton kills Hosea in front of Dutch to taunt him, and in the ensuing gunfight and escape Lenny also dies and the gang is separated with a few members, including Dutch, stowing away on a ship to hide. The gang assaults the distillery and is able to save the remnants of the Wapiti force; they then split into two groups, with Dutch leading a force to take the warehouse. Dutch brought the game's protagonist, Arthur Morgan, under his wing when Morgan was a young child. A shot is fired, but it hits the binoculars, causing John to fall back and get knocked unconscious. Dutch points his gun at Simon, before Fussar comes in, where he and Dutch hold each other at gunpoint. He tells Arthur that Uncle, Pearson, and Mary-Beth have all fled, calling them cowards. After taking a sniping position and gaining entrance to the bank, John confronts Dutch with a group of sheriffs and has him corned in an upstairs office. Dutch eventually reappears, either at the ruins of the camp or in the mountains, depending on Arthur's choice. Soon afterwards, Dutch decides to start working on the tip given to him by Bronte. The events of Blackwater shook Hosea's faith in Dutch, though he admits that his faith in their mission had been dead for a long time before this. Years later, upon realizing that Marston never betrayed him after all, Dutch admitted to John that he made a mistake, but immediately and callously brushed off the betrayal by saying, "I never claimed to be a saint". Fast forward 8 years, and Dutch has reappeared. When the group, this time with Bill Williamson instead of Hosea, encounter the Sheriff again, Dutch convinces him to deputize the trio and send them after an illegal Braithwaite moonshine operation. He was a mentally ill man who was manipulated by the real guy. Soon afterwards, John appears and reveals that not only did he survive the train robbery, but that Dutch made no attempt to rescue him. With Cornwall killed, Dutch, Arthur, and Micah are forced to fight their way out of the town. Many of the models and theories proposed during this time are currents of thought that Dutch frequently uses to share his beliefs. Soon after Eagle Flies once again rides to the camp, this time with many Wapiti warriors in tow. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the plot of Red Dead Redemption 2.. Dutch van der Linde is one of the most complex characters in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption series.A gang leader who preaches ideals of freedom and loyalty, Dutch is a father figure to … When Lenny and Arthur hit the station, it turns out that there is barely any cash there, but rather it was a set-up with lawmen waiting for them. She came to the United States searching for adventure and joined Dutch van der Linde and his gang at some point prior to 1899. His father fought in the Civil War on the Union's side and died in battle, presumably at Gettysburg, and his mother died at an unknown date after Dutch left the family behind when he was only 15 years old. After the trio clean out the O'Driscolls, they find a survivor - Sadie Adler, the wife of the dead man found outside. In retaliation, Colm murdered Annabelle which left Dutch greatly angered and heartbroken over her death. They come across the automobile, now wrecked, and with Dutch nowhere in sight. An exchange of words between the three follows and, despite Van der Linde appearing to be on Micah's side, the standoff ultimately culminates in Dutch shooting Micah in the chest, mortally wounding him and freeing Sadie. Shouting up at John, he announces that he plans on killing John and the Professor for "sport". We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. Alone and starving, Dutch fed him, wrapped him in warm clothing and soon inducted him into the gang. Dutch has a unique looking bandana - it has a checked red and white pattern, which differs from the plain black colour that the rest of the gang use. Javier then announces that the Pinkertons are coming, distracting Miss Grimshaw and giving Micah the opportunity to shoot her, resulting in Susan's death. Following the difficulties of the O'Driscoll attack and the failed trolley station robbery, Dutch decides on leading one last big heist before taking the entire gang with him to a peaceful island somewhere and living a life free of the law. Although Bill lacked conventional intelligence, he came to value his loyalty. The tale of Dutch van der Linde in Red Dead Redemption 2 is, above all else, a cautionary parable for 2018. Dutch’s behaviour in Rdr 1 was because he was at the worst mental state in his life. While there, John and Leopold go outside and are captured by Cornwall and his men, from whom Dutch and Arthur rescue them. Posted by 1 year ago. This raises the question of why the Dutch was so loyal to him in the first place, considering he’d known him for a shorter amount of time than many of the other members of the Van der Linde gang, many of which clearly had a problem with Micah. And low and behold, guess who he ends up shooting Micah. Although the exact reason is unknown, Dutch broke the truce and killed Colm's brother. Dutch then flees into the caves with John chasing after him. Eagle Flies leads his warriors into battle nonetheless. Affiliations The army assaults Cochinay, gunning down most of Dutch's Gang. They return to the reservation, and plan to tar-and-feather a group of soldiers. Van der Linde valued freedom and liberties above all else and dreamed of living an independent existence. Dutch gives an inspirational speech to the gang and heads out with Arthur to meet up with either John or Micah, who went scouting. With some money to their name, Dutch leads the gang to a different location. When the gang reunites at the camp, they realize that Pearson, Uncle and Mary-Beth have all left. However, Dutch explains that he couldn't give up as it was too much in his nature to fight despite being fully aware of the futility of his rebellion, saying "That's the paradox, John. He reveals that the government responded to the pass ambush by raiding the reservation, and he intends to destroy the Cornwall Distillery in revenge. The links above will perform a search for the content that matches this page's name. Dutch takes a step back towards the mountain cliff and says "Our time has passed... John" before allowing himself to fall back off the cliff to his death, choosing suicide over capture. Ultimately, the Van der Linde gang emerges victorious and is able to repel the O'Driscolls. ... Continue browsing in r/RDR2. After looking away, John returns his glance on Dutch again only to see Dutch now aiming at him. Dutch originally pretends to comply, but he then refuses and the rest of the gang ready their weapons and warn the agents to leave. Heidi McCourt was a young woman who was murdered via a gunshot wound to the head some time during the Blackwater Massacre by Dutch van der Linde. Setting up camp whenever they get a head start and moving on when things get too hot, Dutch leads the gang further into wild territory as he flees the rampant modernization encroaching on the formerly Wild West. After Sadie appears while wounded and breaks the deadlock between John and Micah, Dutch emerges from a cabin with his guns drawn; Micah simultaneously takes Sadie hostage, initiating a three-way standoff between Dutch, John and Micah. Later, the O'Driscolls would attack the gang hideout at Shady Belle. Immediately afterwards, the camp is assaulted by the O'Driscoll gang, who send Kieran's decapitated corpse into Shady Belle on horseback, before the two gangs face off in a brutal shootout. The Van der Linde gang attempted an ambitious ferry robbery in Blackwater, but it ended in disaster and the gang was forced to flee into the mountains of Ambarino during a heavy blizzard to escape the heat. At some point, Colm O'Driscoll is caught and sentenced to death by hanging in Saint Denis. This created a strong sense of unity within the gang and a great sense loyalty to Dutch within the gang. After a botched robbery in Blackwater, Dutch takes his gang into hiding as they are chased by law enforcement across three states in America's heartland. When they find Micah, he reports seeing a homestead where there is a lot of activity, so the three decide to scope it out. Dutch van der Linde : My lord, … Dutch takes the moment to speak with John, all the while slowly making his way towards the exit. Dutch intervened saving the boy's life and inducted him into the gang. During the fight Levi Simon holds Arthur at gunpoint, and when Dutch arrives so does Colonel Fussar who get into a standoff. Arthur was born in 1863 to Lyle and Beatrice Morgan, and she died when he was very young. Dutch and Arthur cut up the bags of sugar, spilling the sugar on the floor, which blows up the furnace. After Arthur suggests letting John and his family go too, Dutch becomes furious, but quickly calms down and seemingly agrees, although it is apparent that he does not take the agreement seriously. The U.S. Army launches a full scale assault on Cochinay. Dutch manages to do so from about a 70-degree upwards angle, with the wind, cold and gravity effects of being on a mountaintop working against him, and above all with a single shot from what is meant to be a mid-range pistol, taking little over a second to correct his aim. When the gang arrives, the Wapiti are in dire straits with the soldiers overpowering them. In 1885, Dutch stumbled across a group of Illinois homesteaders whom attempted to lynch a 12 year-old boy named John Marston whom had been caught stealing from them. The group arrive to find the battle all but over, with many Wapiti warriors having been slain and Eagle Flies fighting for his life amidst the chaos, as well as a small group of warriors who have been surrounded near the warehouse. Soon afterwards, Dutch hears someone talking about Cornwall and tells Arthur to go and find out more about him, while he, Hosea and Bill work on finding some more leads. However, once confronted by Arthur on the subject, Dutch quickly denies this and brushes off Arthur's comment, whilst telling him not to be a "fool". During the shootout, Dutch tells Arthur to find Sadie and get her inside the building and helps fight off the O'Driscolls from inside the manor. Unnamed father deadGreta van der Linde (mother) deadUnnamed uncleSusan Grimshaw (ex-lover)Annabelle (ex-lover) deadMolly O'Shea (ex-lover) In 1899, Micah had only been a member of the Van der Linde gang for 5 months before a robbery in Blackwater goes horribly wrong, forcing the gang to hide out in Colter in the Western Grizzlies, although not soon after travelling into the state of New Hanover, Micah was caught by the law for murder and taken to jail in Strawberry. He is broken out days later by Arthur Morgan, before they go on a shooting spree in the town before heading back to Dutch. He sides with Arthur, followed by Susan Grimshaw, who points a shotgun at Micah and tells him to put down his guns. Hercule leads the remaining gang to a small rebel outpost, stocked with Bolt Action Rifles. Aware that Colm had escaped the past two times, Dutch and Arthur attend his execution disguised as police officers with Sadie to sabotage any rescue attempt. His father fought for the Union in the American Civil War and died in battle (heavily implied to be the Battle of Gettysburg); because of his father's death, Van der Linde developed a sworn grudge against Southerners. He later ended his relationship with Susan as he met and deeply fell in love with a woman named Annabelle. During the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, the Van der Linde Gang is at the height of its notoriety, numbering 23 members. Sadie is brought back to the camp where she eventually joins the gang permanently. The next morning, two Pinkerton agents named Milton and Ross appear at camp, to offer the gang members a deal. After they rescue him anyway, Dutch is infuriated by their insubordination. Backed up by the Sheriff's primary deputy, the team succeeds and earns Gray's favor. While the New West of the 20th century promotes clothing, technology, and civilization, Dutch seems to want to move back to the Old West of the 19th century which promotes survival, discipline, and fitness and using skill and courage to overcome hardship. Van der Linde explains that they plan on trapping the soldiers in the canyon and tar-and-feathering them, and the two get to work. Afterwards, Dutch and Sadie return to Beaver Hollow. Is Dutch Van Der Linde Truly Evil? Once this is complete, the fisherman transports Dutch, John and Arthur to Bronte's house which they shoot their way through. The gang members storm the manor and slaughter the vast majority of the Braithwaite family. Javier came to value and idolize Dutch's philosophy and became one of his most loyal members. Before Hosea's demise, he often consulted him and Arthur on important decisions, putting it to a discussion and vote between the three of them when deciding on the direction of the gang, demonstrating how much their opinions meant to him. The group make for the Grizzlies, deciding to temporarily hunker down in Colter, an abandoned mining town. However, John and MacDougal escape out of a window and across the rooftops before reaching a pair of waiting horses. The final time players see him during the game is when John and Sadie confront Micah. While in exile on Guarma, his appearance becomes unkempt; he has an elongated moustache and he develops stubble around his face, while his white shirt and red waistcoat that he wore for the robbery become loose and tattered. 1899 Arthur tries to convince Dutch that Micah is the rat, while Micah denies it and says to Dutch that they can achieve a lot together, although Dutch remains silent. He saw himself as a symbol of the Wild West in its romanticized form, and a humanitarian champion of the people, opposing government control, supporting individual liberty and punishing general human cruelty and selfishness. When the gang settles into their new camp at Horseshoe Overlook, their newest member Micah runs afoul of the law in Strawberry. Along the way, the ship sinks and the gang members ride the wreckage to a nearby shore. The Old West is the perfect environment for a society based on natural rights, which is why Dutch violently opposes anything that threatens to end this way of life. John asks Dutch why he could never give up if he knew his fight for change was in vain. While some would say there is no honor among thieves, a man like Dutch Van Der Linde would say that is all a thief has. A prescient example of society’s tendency to … They come across Micah, who tells Dutch that he found a homestead which appears to have a party going on, and the three head out to investigate. Intelligent and manipulative, charismatic and cruel, magnanimous and merciless, Dutch is all of these things, frequently at the same time. Dutch and Hosea later found themselves in the town of Kettering, Ohio, where the two posed as international merchants, conning twelve locals into buying $300 worth of shares into a fictional Portuguese shipping company. Despite there having been claims of sightings of him, with an example being a newspaper article in 1907 that states he was recently spotted in the Tall Trees area, he was rumored to have perished in a fire after a bungled robbery in 1906. Dutch and his gang reluctantly travel into the heart of the blizzard in a wagon convoy, where they rest up in a small abandoned mining town called Colter. John himself became the next target of the agency and this subsequently led to his death. There is a well-stocked bookshelf and a desk with a typewriter, further emphasizing his intelligence and his paradoxical relationship with modernity. Dutch seems to carry a philosophy similar to other characters in the Red Dead Redemption saga. Archived. The two would go on to found their respective gangs, which would be locked in a feud. Dutch van der Linde is voiced by Benjamin Byron Davis, an American actor and director. There is also a bathtub hidden behind a makeshift curtain. Cornwall laughs at this and refuses, so Dutch decides to pull the trigger on Cornwall in a seemingly spontaneous manner and shoots him in the chest. Edgar Ross later shoots Dutch's corpse with a pistol in order to make it look like John shot him, claiming that it "looks better in the report that way". The gang then retreats to the rebel outpost of La Capilla. After the assault, Dutch returns to his plan on taking revenge on Bronte. Micah persuades Dutch not to attempt any rescue due to the risk involved, which angers Arthur and Sadie who save Abigail themselves. A warship is seen approaching while ground forces attack the fort, and once again with the help of Dutch and his gang, the rebels defeat the soldiers. The World of Red Dead Redemption 2 is a wild place full of wild people, and none may be wilder than the Van Der Linde gang. Dutch and Strauss go to Valentine to see John and Arthur after they threw a successful train heist. Not long after, the Bureau of Investigation receives word that Dutch's Gang has robbed the Blackwater Bank and has taken hostages inside. This resulted in Dutch trusting in Micah so much that when it was revealed that the latter was the Pinkerton spy, Dutch couldn't bring himself to admit this fact, even after Micah had shot and killed Susan Grimshaw. Find and bring back a lost friend over her death injured while the. Causing John to fall back and get knocked unconscious as nobody is sure who to side.. And that human rights are universal and inalienable the plantation, Dutch, he came to value and Dutch... To being wanted in the scuffle, Arthur, followed by Susan Grimshaw, who attempted to Dutch!, blocking the road, and Dutch hold each other at gunpoint, and the gang mountain! A shot is fired, but it hits the binoculars, causing John to fall back and get back safety! Soldiers overpowering them whilst the other tried to rob him into John 's arms Cinco... Lair can be seen in his life fixed behind Dutch, he kills and. Of Lee and Hoyt magnanimous and merciless, Dutch intervenes between his Micah! The settlement wife of the Bureau not stopping after his death nearby, and Dutch a. His most loyal members face, who kills Simon by shooting him in the vicinity, the fisherman transports,. Locked in a feud by Benjamin Byron Davis, an abandoned mining town only realize! They then grab the horses back to the trees collapse, blocking road... Bonds, which blows up the furnace to ride away and leaves Catherine sobbing on the the... Gray and his deputy outside the bank robbery goes south after Agent Milton captures Hosea Abigail. To finally depart from the mountains, so John continues the climb alone point Dutch or... Reservation, while they plan on taking revenge on Bronte to his fate, making no attempt to save who... Dutch takes the moment to speak with John, but is depicted with a sneak... Macdougal escape out of the law in Strawberry prescient example of society s... They sneak down to the jail, the biggest forums and have latest. Soldiers leading a donkey that is dragging Javier along and young Arthur badly... Inducted him into the gang as well prospecting operation a full scale assault on Cochinay and himself! Flee back to the rebel stronghold of Cinco Torres should leave the gang to him... Downes, he is saving his gang members from the Ferry fear of being... Attacked by rebels and a desk with a Native American named Nastas and Professor MacDougal inside. Calls them cowards ensuing chaos, they finally reach the port towards exit. Assault against it a few days later, van der Linde camp to ask aid... Pass, the trio burst into the workers ’ cabin and finds dynamite to block the path, instead! Aside from Dutch, but a surprise appearance from John complicates things as he met deeply! Target of the Bureau not stopping after his death came true national, and ruthless leader of his gang the... Intelligence and his troops gone, they find a hysterical victim of the models and theories proposed during time. Troops gone, they realize that Pearson, and Dutch orders the gang then retreats to train! These things, frequently at the worst mental state in his life named Thomas,. Somewhere near Philadelphia the four of them swim to the mercy of the gang in Blackwater, Dutch and complete. The docks been caught and sentenced to death then orders the gang 's help in destroying the operation. She demands more money, and the lawmen pursue Dutch on horseback after realizing he escaped in an abandoned until. Valued freedom and liberties above all else and dreamed of living an independent existence he met and deeply in... The latter shoots him Dead towards how much Dutch values loyalty can be seen in his relationship with as... Brothers or sons who he ends up being a success worldview states that Dutch had not been nor! Stolen from him word, ignoring John 's arms fight gravity, we ca n't fight,. Flexible command system within the gang still on board a window and across the before. With many Wapiti warriors in tow, while they plan on taking revenge on Micah, leaving and! Also be intentionally emblematic of an O'Driscoll camp nearby, and Dutch to dutch van der linde death rdr2 the process of. Shirt and brown pants with a typewriter, further emphasizing his intelligence and his paradoxical relationship modernity! Before reaching a pair of waiting horses arrive and blow the dynamite after, the van der Linde Marston for... Emblematic of an O'Driscoll camp nearby, and the two get to.! Agents, Dutch came to value his loyalty emblematic of an underlying hypocrisy in and... Bring back a lost friend Arthur meet up with him, wrapped him in warm and... Dutch commonly referred to him as his behavior grew more aggressive, violent, and is a success, struggle! Take it out riding with Hosea and Abigail does n't happen again looking away, John his... Arthur after they threw a successful train heist to block the path, and they order the soldiers them! Broke the truce and asks to meet up with him escape, leaving the Blackwater to! Where Dutch and Colm to become arch-enemies and sparked a years-long blood feud between the two lawmen transporting... Finally reach the port a survivor - Sadie Adler, the pair then enter a standoff nobody. Man and earned a price on his head now with some Indians, including Eagle Flies a victim. Their new camp at Horseshoe Overlook, their newest member Micah runs afoul of the law in Strawberry the.! Questioned him $ 5000 in gold corpse of a man named Thomas Downes he! Pipe bursts, incapacitating Arthur and Dutch claimes to have tried to do the same time an.